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stylized is a place where you can get all the low down on getting free money. I have personally tried and tested all techniques introduced here on this website, all of which involve no purchase or investments. I would now ask you to make a mental note that THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME rather but a few unique ideas to help you make some extra cash

Important Information

All of the programs reviewed in this site pay by either cheque or paypal. Therefore you must correctly fill in information such as name and address. If you don't have a paypal address sign up by clicking here. - Steady as she goes

If you are looking for some serious money then this is THE PROGRAM to join. Its called "> It is a paid to click program. For those who are familiar with PTC programs you probably note that you get less that 1c per click. With you get 1c per click and then 1c for each referral click. There are roughly close to 15 - 20 clicks you get per day, but this adds up VERY QUICKLY. Payout is $10 but I've already recieved $100+ in payments. Click here to join now

More Programs

I''ve added more paid to click and paid to read programs after recieving payment from them. They are great companies who processed the orders quickly and efficiently.


Find the information that you have been searching for. This new e-library contains ebooks which cover a variety of topics. Click on the link below for more information

  • Visit the elibrary for some free ebooks

Paid Survey Groups

New survey groups and panels have been added. Click on the link below for more information on how each individual group works.


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